In order to ensure a safe facility for all our Creators, we have implemented the following guidelines. Anyone entering HGAB Studios must abide by the following code of conduct:


1. Everyone who enters the facility is required to wear a face mask.

2. There is a crew limit of 6 people for ANY studio booking.

3. If you reserve studio time with us, you (and all crew members) will be permitted access to the studio ONLY. Use of lobby and recreational areas must be kept to a minimum and are considered restricted for the time being.

Photography, Video and Podcast Studios


Studio A

$45.00 /hour
Special Deal!


Studio B

$65.00 /hour
$45.00 /hour

Creative Membership

Signing up for an HGAB Studios Membership, will grant you access to all the tools and resources needed to develop any creative project! As an HGAB Studios member, you will receive our best rates for studio time and equipment rentals as well as free access to multiple workshops and events. Spark your creativity and tap into a vast network full of opportunity by signing up for an HGAB Studios Membership today.

$35.00 / month
$357.00 / year
$50.00 / month
$510.00 / year

Co-Working Spaces

$99.00 / month
$375.00 / month


Office (Monthly)

$1,200.00 / month

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