The Golden Rules for Social Media Photography

Stunning photography and bold images are the bread and butter of social media. It’s the type of content that keeps your audience engaged and the type of content that establishes who you are as a brand. These days, graphic content is more plentiful than running water, therefore, it is your
job to set the proper guidelines and foundation to post images that help you stand out. Whether you currently own professional camera gear or prefer to use your phone to capture all your visuals, here are a few rules to follow when capturing and posting photography for yourself or your brand.


The Different Types of Photography for Social Media

The first and most important rule for posting your images on any social media platform is knowing the main categories of content when to use one or the other. The two types of content are Raw Content and Pre-Produced Content. Good examples of raw content are the spontaneous selfies you take at home or the pictures you take for your instagram story throughout your day. This type of content is always unedited, uncensored and in the moment.
On the other hand, pre-produced content is always premeditated and planned. Examples of this type of content are fashion spreads, editorials, lookbooks or product photography. This pre-produced content allows you to show your audience the level of production you are capable of and gives you credibility. On the other hand, raw content is valuable to your audience because it gives them an honest, human look into your brand.


Do Not Shoot Product Shots On Your Phone

There is no question that nowadays using your phone to capture images for social media is completely acceptable. However, there is a time and a place for everything.  Product shots are images used to display your product to potential buyers. They are usually posted on your website or used on promotional material. Because these shots should always be as perfect as possible, product shots are the number one thing you should always take in-studio with controlled lighting and a solid background. This makes it so that your product shots come out as clean and crisp as possible and are easier to manipulate and edit later.


Shoot Lifestyle Photography On Your Phone

Lifestyle photography is taken to show off your product or service in its unique essence. Lifestyle shots are meant to tell a story about your brand and establish the culture around it. This type of photography is the best type of content to shoot on your Phone because your brand requires so much of it. Because of this, it is extremely convenient to shoot lifestyle photography on your mobile device because it is constantly on-the-go with you.


Never Post Low-Quality Content

When using your phone to take pictures for social media, make sure that your camera has at least 10 megapixels. Because of the constant visual stimulation we receive on a daily basis, we have become extremely sensitive to poor quality images. Nothing is more off-putting to a 21st century millennial than scrolling past a pixelated, dark or blurry image. Instantly your credibility dissolves into thin air and the chances of you making a sale or being taken seriously are slim to none. Quality over quantity.

Whether you’re an influencer, content creator or just love keeping your followers updated, the type of content you present to your audience says a lot about you. Keep in mind these golden rules for social media photography and catapult yourself into the path of success for online marketing and brand awareness. Your followers will not be dissapointed.

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