Evangeline of Clothing: a clothing brand that encompasses the essence of humanity. From their clothing designs to choice of fabric, they create pieces that depict God’s purpose for us. Evangeline of Clothing recently rented out our photography studio and released a statement about their experience…

“We did work with HGAB Studios for our brand’s product photography and had a great experience. Mari was very friendly, gave my team and I a little tour of the whole place and when she showed us what was going to be our working area we were happy to see that the backdrop wall that you guys have was just what we needed. Also our models had a place ( bathroom ) to change and Mari was amazing enough to let us put some music on a speaker that you guys have, that helped us set the mood for our shoot. Pricing was also great so we’ll definitely book again.” – E.

The Evangeline of Clothing team was awesome to work with, and we can’t wait to work with them again.