Renting a professional photo studio, may seem like a scary task if you’ve never done it before. How do I find the best rates? Do I have to bring my own lighting equipment? What if I want colored backdrops? Who do I contact to answer all of my questions? HGAB Studios is a professional video and photography studio who works with creators who range from expert to novice on a daily basis. Because we have gathered all of these FAQ’s from people who constantly rent and use our facility, we have compiled a few tips and tricks that will help alleviate some of the stress of coordinating a professional and successful photo shoot!

Studio Search

We know how many moving parts it takes to produce a photography concept that is everything you envisioned. The model, the make-up artist, the stylist, the art director, the photographer and the list goes on and on depending on the scale of the project. Because of this, photoshoots can get really expensive really fast, so wanting to find the best rates for studio rentals is not only normal, it’s necessary! A great way to find local studios with great rates is checking hashtags on instagram such as #MiamiPhotoStudio or #DenverPhotoStudio depending on  what city you live in. A general google search will also do the trick and once you have compiled a nice list of all the studios in your area, it’s time to start calling them one by one! Welcome to the life of a producer.

Rate Check

While making calls to various studios it is important to remember that hourly studio rates are not the only thing you should be inquiring about. Once you get the studio manager on the phone, make sure to ask if there is a seperate charge for lighting equipment, colorful backdrops or any other basic equipment you may need so that there are no surprise fees when it’s  time to check out!

Happy Crew

If your shoot is expected to last more than 3 hours it is always good practice to provide some sort of craft services for you and your crew. Finding out if your studio provides drinkable water or nearby vending options is always a good idea. Also, bringing your own food options will help you keep your schedule and your team on track. Remember, taking an hour lunch break will always end up costing you more than buying a healthy fruit tray, granola bars and some deli sandwiches so your team can eat as they work. A fed crew is a happy crew!

Beauty Area

Make sure your studio has a designated beauty area for the models and a changing room as well. Making sure all your crew members are comfortable in the production environment is crucial to their productivity and will maximize the chances of them working with you again.

Release Forms

The next piece of information I am about to give you is absolutely crucial. When conducting a professional photoshoot always, always, always bring your release forms. Even if your talent is made up entirely of friends and family, always make sure to get the models permission to reproduce their image! We can’t tell you how many photo shoots have never seen the light of day because of failure to sign proper agreements. Release forms should be short and sweet and should always get signed at the beginning of your shoot.

While there is still so much more we want to share with you before booking your first studio, we decided it’s best to keep things simple for now with these top 5! After all, the best way to learn is through trial and error and getting your hands dirty.

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