Dvorah Ivy is owned by Deborah Bernstein. She has been a freelance professional photographer for over 9 years now. She studied Interior Design at Miami Dade College in Miami, Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Fashion Design from Miami International University of art & Design in Miami, Florida. While in Fashion Design school, she won the Perry Ellis Menswear award for her men’s swimwear. She used her own textile print she created from her own photography of nature that she took in The Everglades in Florida. Her desire of Photography and Fashion Design is to share her vision and passion with others and let others see the beauty she sees through her own eyes.

Here is what Dvorah had to say about working in our studio..

“I decided to work with HGAB because the ease and convenience of the studio. The cost of having my own studio and having to deal with running my own place is much more of a hassle, and this is easy to deal with because everything is already there and ready to be set up for you. The spacious studios allows for room to move and you can book how ever many hours you need, a little to a lot. Plus the people who work there are great and very nice.”