Security is designed to keep you safe; online security is as important as your personal security. Two years ago Google announced that Chrome would now be marking all sites that are not encrypted with HTTPS as “Not Secure”. And as of July 2018, that change has become visible across all sites.

What is an SSL?

SSL (secure sockets layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between the server and a browser. Makes sure that all the data passed between the web and the server stays private and protected. To be able to create an SSL connection a web server requires an SSL certificate.

Why be “Secure”?

Protect your personal information as it travels through the web. Imagine checking your bank account or buying concert tickets. Then a few days later your card is decline or even worse your personal information is not that private anymore and you wonder how and why? Chances are that you visited a site that is “not secure”.

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What being “Secure” does for you?

Keeps eavesdroppers locked out, keeps your personal information private. If you are the owner of a website or looking to build from the ground up you want it to be secure. It’s an effective way to keep you & your customer’s information safe online.

Having an SSL is also useful as Google uses it as a ranking signal. Following SEO best practices helps your site rank higher which allows your site to be viewed by a larger audience while also creating a sense of security for the viewer.

Although your website is built using best practices we advise adding an SSL on your website, to comply with Google’s new policy and make your customers feel safe we suggest you add this as changes are coming.

Google’s transparency report shows that:

• 76 percent of Chrome traffic on Android is now protected, up from 42 percent
• 85 percent of Chrome traffic on ChromeOS is now protected, up from 67 percent
• 83 of the top 100 sites on the web use HTTPS by default, up from 37

How Can HGAB Help?

HGAB is consistently stays on top of the latest web trends and best practices. We as well as Google believe a safe internet is a better internet. If you decide an SSL is right for you, give us a call 305-200-3056 or fill out the form below.