Why Start A Podcast Today?

PodCast Sudio Rode Procaster Broadcast Quality Dynamic MicrophonePodcasts are currently more popular than they have ever been before. The high demand for Home Automation devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home have created a big demand for content.  Big investment in this industry also means big investment and promotion for content creators. Podcasts give brands and individuals a great platform to connect with their audience in a form that is easy to digest and one that creates a deep connection with its listeners. Here’s why you should consider starting a podcast this year:

Easy to Consume, Mobile-Friendly Content

Unlike blogs and videos, podcasts allow you to listen to them on the go while doing different activities  such as cooking, driving, working out etc. They don’t force you to stop what you are doing to focus on the content, on the contrary, they make it very easy to consume while going about your daily life. Podcasts are also very easy to access from your phone. Both Apple and Android have improved user experience for podcasting by developing apps that already come installed in your listener’s device. Both companies also provide very easy ways to syndicate your content to their platforms and make that part of the process a breeze. Spotify recently joined the podcasting community by providing podcasting services to both listeners and partners, allowing you to tap into Spotify’s huge audial market.

Quick Turnaround Time

Creating a podcast has a very quick turnaround time. Free audio editing/recording softwares are available on both PC and Mac, and there are plenty of USB mics that are inexpensive and are great for starting a podcast. Once you have your basic equipment set-up, it all boils down to how the content is structured. Pre-production is a very important aspect of podcasting that sometimes gets overlooked because of the eagerness to get something out there. Set up a solid structure and create consistency with your audience, that is the golden formula for podcasting. Many podcasts don’t succeed because they don’t have a strong enough foundation to last. Developing a structure, selecting topics, editing audio, inserting sound effects, posting content and then marketing that content are all things that need to be structured in the beginning in order to establish a strong podcasting routine for you and your audience.

The Power of Syndication (RSS)

Setting up your website and the respective RSS feed for your podcast is a step that will save you a lot of time and give your podcast access to a larger audience. Once you publish your podcast on your website, your RSS feed will syndicate it to companies like iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and Spotify. These platforms act like a search engine for podcasts, providing you with an unlimited source of engaged users waiting to be converted into listeners of your original content. This will help immensely with traffic generation and with the organization of your content. Gone are the days of having to upload your podcast to individual platforms, now with one upload you will be able to showcase your podcast across all the platforms you decide to syndicate with.

If you want to learn more about podcasting or have a great idea for a podcast, click the link below to get started!

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