Creator Spotlight: Fernando Osorio

Film, thrust and a little bit of pixie dust! These are just a few of the cosmic elements that come together in Fernando Osorio’s visual compositions that are defining an era. An era in which technology has found a way to intervene in almost every single aspect of our lives, leading artists such as Osorio to seek asylum in a much simpler analogue lifestyle.

Just one year shy of twenty, the creator also known as @FernForests on Instagram, has created a stylistic approach and visual aesthetic that sets him apart from the digital masses. When he is not in New York attending classes at Parsons School of Design, he is avidly creating content in Miami using creative workspaces like HGAB Studios to develop his craft inside our many photo and video studios. Please take a look at some of the work he has created here and in various corners of the earth, by visiting the gallery section of this post.

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