Creator Spotlight: OURCAMP

Art is a business. No matter how creative or conceptual the maker is, the pursuit to monetize any craft, will always exist. But it’s how its monetized that sets the artist apart.

“In an industry that is subjective, the only thing that matters is differentiation.” says OURCAMP co-founder Roberto Gatica. OURCAMP is an artist collective that seeks to find experimental approaches to their own business development and growth. Comprised of 6 founders each with their own creative talents, OURCAMP has come together to create a fusion of art that has given multimedia a whole new meaning. The artist collective aims to express themselves through different mediums such as music, film and design in hopes of making a lasting impression on art and culture.

Each project produced by the young collective, involves incredible art direction and a distinct point of view that acts as their signature. From gallery nights in which all the art is being sold for specific art supplies rather than a monetary value, to a hopscotch installation in the middle of a busy transit area designed to bring joy to its commuters, OURCAMP always finds a way to flip the status-quo on its head. At HGAB Studios we have had the pleasure of hosting several OURCAMP productions and events that have sparked our curiosity and left a lasting impression on us. To learn more about the collective and their work, explore the gallery below.

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