Creator Spotlight: Gabriel ‘GG’ Gimenez

Gabriel ‘GG’ Gimenez is as much a Miami staple as croquetas and cafecito are in the morning. Ever since childhood, this charismatic creator has been adorning the city with his vibrant drawings that have shaped him into the artist that he is today. His recurring character, ‘Fado’, born around 2008 when his creative endeavors first took-off, has stuck by him until present day. The way GG explains it, Fado is a representation of humanity’s true vulnerability and honesty. 

Gimenez has always made it a point to stick to his roots. The characters from his childhood remain a constant stylistic element in all of his work. Whether it’s the occasional squiggly line in his otherwise geometric ‘Deconstruction Series’ or the familiar faces that make their appearance in his intricate murals, Fado always drops in for a visit in some shape or form. If you ever happen to find yourself driving through the streets of Miami, you are sure to spot the friendly Fado on every street corner, stop sign or light post in the city. GG’s dedication to his craft, comes not only from his rigorous consistency but also through his love for the magic city. One of his latest works features Fado in a limited edition T-Shirt Collection titled ‘Perreo’. A term synonymous to any Miami local with hot summer nights spent dancing reggaeton intertwined with a sweaty partner. These themes and beautiful odes to his culture are the vibrant foundations upon which many of his most renowned pieces are built.

While Gimenez is an established entity in the Miami art scene, his recognition and influence has reached a global scale. Varying from international art fairs and gallery showcases, as well as collaborative projects with brands like Youtube, Airbnb, and Adidas, GG has had the opportunity to share his art with a mass audience. An opportunity which he constantly uses to spread a very important message: We are all human and inside each and every one of us, lies Fado. In a big way, his art is a self-portrait of the human race as a whole. Born to express himself through various styles of visual communication, GG takes any and every opportunity to show us to ourselves.

At HGAB Studios we aim to nurture and encourage every type of creative. Inspired by artists like Gabriel ‘GG’ Gimenez, creative freedom is at the root of everything we do and we would like to invite you to explore your own creative boundaries. Visit the rest of our page to discover other Creators we have highlighted in the past, as well as workspaces and photo, video and podcast studios available for your next creative project.

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