Creator Spotlight: Andres Pico (A.K.A Dias)

The art of graffiti has always been a subject of major controversy. In the past it has been synonymous with vandalism and mistakenly underrated by major art collectors. However, in recent years this underground artform has taken a huge leap into mainstream culture. It has become publicly sought after by the masses and art galleries and museums have taken notice. For artist Andres ‘Pico’ Dias, however, his love for graffitti started long before this rising trend took place in the art world.

By the age of ten, Dias had already started developing what would eventually become his own unique graffiti style. His imagination as a child took him to the deepest depths of the ocean and the vast profoundness of outer space. Slowly, he began to capture these natural elements within his art. He describes his distinct style as 3D Graffiti, which typically involves his bold and grandiose lettering as the main subject living within a vibrant landscape. Whether it be an urban jungle or a sunny beach, Dias’ way of introducing his lettering into a seemingly human situation is one his most exceptional characteristics. This personification makes it so that his work takes on a life of its own. It’s as if his art was popping up from frame and taking up physical space among us.

Raised in Miami, FL Dias has used his culturally rich upbringing greatly throughout his work. Miami is a melting pot of music, food, history and art. With so many beautiful influences coming together to create one Magic City, artists like Dias find their inspiration in the different burroughs and cliques that unite it. Whether he is traveling in a crew of street artists (his collective, The DAE Crew, can be seen all over Miami’s art district) or working as a lone wolf, Dias always manages to bring some Miami flare into his art. One of his most noteworthy projects titled: “If Seats Could Talk” contains an actual piece of the Miami Marine Stadium, a historical amphitheatre that once stood overlooking Virginia Key.

For Dias there is something so beautiful about taking a seemingly forgotten alley way or deserted wall and giving it a new life. In many major cities, one can always find an art district that is full of ever-changing murals and street art that breathes life into otherwise decaying urban setting. It is this beautiful balance between old and new that makes graffiti so special. it is the modern-day scriptures of a living breathing city where artists like Dias claim their throne.

At HGAB Studios we aim to nurture and encourage every type of creative. Inspired by artists like Andres ‘Pico’ Dias, creative freedom is at the root of everything we do and we would like to invite you to explore your own creative boundaries. Visit the rest of our page to discover other Creators we have highlighted in the past, as well as workspaces and photo, video and podcast studios available for your next creative project.

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