Creator Spotlight: Adrian Molina

While some people cringe at the thought of being surrounded by total darkness with nothing but a single desk lamp to light the way, this is Adrian Molina’s ideal work environment. His haunted characters emerge from the eerie elements of his surroundings, and this is a crucial part of his process.

For the last 20 years, while the rest of us were gradually consumed by an inevitable technology overload, Molina was devoured by another kind of monster. By the age of 15, Molina had developed a relationship with horror and his main avenue for expressing it was through his lively sketches and graphic novels. As he grew older, his studies at the Boston School of Fine Arts, provided him with a classical training and an arsenal of techniques that allowed him to bestow his gift of horror upon the world.

While Molina is extremely well-versed in style, the emotion and intricacy of his work remains constant. His illustrations are wild and vivid, with heavy-handed linework that depicts as much emotion in his characters as possible. Influenced heavily by classic comic books and iconic horror films, Molina looks towards horror pioneers such as Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Serling as a source of inspiration. His creative flow, begins with a 15-min breathing ritual, a burning bundle of sage and sometimes a moon-lit walk. He draws a fresh pencil towards his sketch pad and begins to transform the page into his manuscript of mayhem. As he works, a shrine of afro-cuban deities watches over him; a reminder of life’s most undeniable cycle of life and death. Much like his work, the cycle is beautiful but gruesome.

Most recently, Molina has launched a Kickstarter for one of his most current projects, an ode to his childhood and hometown of Miami. Adrian Molina’s The Werewolf of Kendall tells the story of 3 best friends who attempt to beat the high score of a new arcade game, only to realize they have found themselves in the wolf’s den. This modern take on a classic horror story is Molina’s signature and is present throughout many of his works. To support his campaign please visit:

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