Creator Spotlight – Mariana Diaz

It’s not every day that we meet someone who is brave enough to wear their demons on their sleeve. As humans we tend to hide our fears and insecurities from others, but that’s not the case with visual artist Mariana Diaz. When I was first introduced to Diaz’s vibrant visual concepts, I didn’t have to know her personally to know that this was a person who was fearless. With her striking color palettes and in-your-face typography, her best work comes from the most vulnerable parts of her soul. It’s in those moments where she spills her rainbow-colored zombie guts onto the page, that we find her the most intriguing and iconic.

Diaz’s wide-range of skills have helped her think outside the box since the very beginning of her career. Her artistic arsenal of graphic design chops, photography skills and major passion for D.I.Y’s has made her the well-rounded creative that she is today.

“I never want to be put in a box or be thought of as one-dimensional. I want to be diverse and leave my special mark on every single one of my pieces.”

While some artists train and practice in one medium for an entire lifetime, Mariana’s true genius is revealed when she works with textures or tools that she has never used before. Her powerful (and sometimes sensual) female essence does the rest. Usually, the themes that surround Diaz’s work are references to pop-culture and feminism that are too bold to be ignored. This cool-factor is always subtly mixed in with elements of vulnerability and pain that she has felt in certain phases of her life. It is undeniable that Mariana’s work is a beautiful spectrum of what being human looks, feels, tastes, smells and sounds like.

In the past Mariana’s artist portfolio has consisted of immersive installations, various photography series, illustration, graphic design and film. Her designs allow you to tap into a dimension that exists only within the realm of endless possibility; and that is a beautiful thing. Anyone who takes a look at Mariana Diaz’s work, will recognize the honesty, and most importantly the fun, that is immediately being had when you lay eyes on one of her pieces. There are no complicated layers to hide behind, just 2-D designs that tell it like it is EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

At HGAB Studios we aim to nurture and encourage every type of creative. Inspired by artists like Mariana Diaz, creative freedom is at the root of everything we do and we would like to invite you to explore your own creative boundaries. Visit the rest our page to discover other Creators we have highlighted in the past, as well as artist workspaces and photo, video and podcast studios available for your next creative project.

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