The Art of Money – Finance Seminar

Learn how to turn your creative passions into a full-time gig. Watch as my MyFinTect founder and financial coach Ricardo Arbona and Kendrick Vasquez CEO at HGAB Studios, discuss money in simple terms. Learn how you can turn your side-hustle into a profitable business that will allow you to take control of your life and do more of what you love – CREATING.

Whether you’re a freelance photographer, sell your artwork while juggling a full time job, or already quit your 9-5 to become a self-employed artist, we invite you to be part of the conversation and help change the narrative that ‘creativity’ and ‘money’ don’t go hand in hand.

Watch this video recap of “The Art of Money” panel hosted at HGAB Studios, where creatives of all levels can gain a better understanding of personal and business finances and take easy steps to start making a living from your craft.

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