How To Use Video Lighting Provided at HGAB Studios

Lighting is possibly one of the most important aspects of your video production. There are so many styles of lighting, and in this video, we will show you how to master your settings so that you can be confident and knowledgable when it comes to lighting your set. 

This tutorial will highlight the Cinelight Studio 60 and the Cinelight Studio 120 made by Fluotec. We will go over how to adjust from warm to cool light, manipulate brightness and intensity, and most importantly, we will show you how to toggle multiple units to control from a separate switchboard. 

These lights are perfect for achieving impressive and professional lighting quality with a very simple system and a wide range. To test these lights out for yourself, book any one of our video or photo studios and receive the Cinelight Studio 60 and the Cinelight Studio 120 completely free of charge with any booking.

Featuring Cinelight Studio 60 & Cinelight Studio 120 by Fluotec

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