Creator Spotlight: Satori

A natural talent, from an unlikely place; Satori is a singer/songwriter creating an auditory aesthetic akin to her own uniqueness. She creates with intent, aiming to help people express whatever emotions they’re stuck on and become entirely limitless. 

Satori has recently become a guiding voice for women’s empowerment with music projects like “Juicy Fruit” surrounding the movement and specifically what it means to be a woman creative. Her sound is playful, raw, energetic and real; while continuously flowing in and out of her different feelings. Even though she’s had a long and difficult career, her accolades are prominent, recently performing alongside names like Cardi B, Migos, & DaBaby right here in Miami at Vewtopia. Come along for the ride and give Satori a listen. ??

1. What is the earliest memory you have of yourself doing something creative?

I remember writing my first song at four years old.. also nonstop drawing and coloring any chance I had.

2. What kind of creative work do you do?

I’m mainly a singer/songwriter. I’m also a visual artist in multiple mediums.

3. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I grew up in North Dakota and came to FL 8 years ago to pursue music.

4. How would you describe your specific style? What makes you unique?

I create in multiple genres, my style is continuously flowing in and out of different feelings, and I’m just here for the ride. People always say my voice is unique…personally I think that anyone who wants to can play with their voice enough to learn and enhance the ways that their voice is unique.

5. What has been some of the biggest influences and sources of inspiration in your work?

People are always my biggest inspiration. Everything that I want to do in life revolves around increasing the quality of life for people, helping them realize their own limitlessness. As a songwriter, my work is meant to facilitate stories and emotions…I want to create an emotional space/destination in the music in which people can cry or dance or finally relax after a long day. As a singer, my energy in recording is all about sending healing and uplifting vibes.

6. Do you have any rituals to help you get the creative juices flowing?

I don’t have any physical rituals. But my mental ritual is just a constant knowledge that the creations already exist before me. The juices are always flowing, it’s just a matter of acknowledging that I’m just here to channel it. If I were to get in my head and claim that it’s all coming from me, of course I’d freeze up and overthink…but it just doesn’t really happen that way for me.

7. What have been some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on? Any current projects you’d like to mention?

My most recent projects are my songs “Happy” (Spotify/Apple Music) and “Juicy Fruit” (Spotify/Apple Music/YouTube). Both are written by me and produced/engineered by Maroon Riddimz. For “Juicy Fruit” I got to work with the completely incredible Jade Lilly @shootmejade, as well as many other women!  We shot a women empowerment visual, and it means so much to me and is one of my favorite experiences. So many people volunteered their time, knowledge, sponsorship, and spaces (thanks again to HGAB for letting us shoot a scene!) I’ve never felt so supported by other women in my life, it was such an incredible experience.

8. What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned while developing your craft? What valuable advice could you offer to other Creators like you?

If you’re going to work with a manager or label or investor of any sort, sign a letter of intent before signing a contract/agreement. Allow yourself to have some sort of trial period before signing a major contract that locks you in for 4 years. And if/when you do sign, please make sure that your contract allows for you to walk away if the other party isn’t fulfilling certain specified promises. Make sure your contract promises specific numbers financially as well as any specific events/payments that you’ve been promised verbally. There are too many dream sellers out here. Especially in Miami, I’ve been promised many things by many people. Individuals always want to “manage” me or sign me…I’ve been coerced into signing contracts, been lied to about industry connections and financial capacity. I just left a situation where I was signed to a label for a year and a half, and in that time they did not release one song with me…it doesn’t even make sense. The hardest part was not understanding how I could go from signing, being promised so many things, to watching all of those promises fall through over and over again…meanwhile just wanting to create and make music and have a positive impact somehow.

9. Where can we find more of your work and follow your journey?

My music Instagram page is @iamsatorimusic , most of my work is posted there on my page or at the linktree in my bio! I post my artwork at @musemansion .

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