Creator Spotlight: Stacey Carlton

When the beautiful uncertainty of nature meets the structural composition of geometry, we get the work of Stacey Carlton. Coming from a family of floral designers and horticulturists, her botanical masterpieces are always an instant topic of conversation inside any room. Full of beautiful contradictions, such as the impermanence of the work itself versus the everlasting feeling it leaves behind, Carlton’s unique approach and modern concepts contribute to the floral space like no one has before.

1. What is the earliest memory you have of yourself doing something creative?
Age 2. I distinctly recall kneeling on the floor categorizing my toys, games, and stuffed animals by color. Imagine that, a toddler encircled by a literal color wheel. The value of the object was solely related to it’s hue in my eyes. I vividly remember stepping back and looking at my masterpiece with a sense of pride and serenity.

2. What kind of creative work do you do?
How much time do you have? My work is multifaceted and ever evolving. It most often revolves around visual and olfactory art with flowers and botanicals as the primary medium. This is communicated via installations, presentations, hands on classes, event, and custom design work.

3. Tell us a little about yourself and your background.
I am a second generation floral artist and educator, I am a photographer, event designer, professional mentor, life long learner, go getter, world traveler, trailblazer, and proud communicator of the arts. Collaboration is at the heart of what I do. I proudly work with artists of all backgrounds in the all important discovery of their signature style and support them in their journey of expression. I have a way of navigating challenges and assisting artists as they find their unique paths to solutions.

4. How would you describe your specific style? What makes you unique?
Honest, transparent, refined, bold, an order within disorder. My careful curation of bizarre botanicals, the unapologetic impermanence of my art, and my extreme dedication to detail and the hustle make me a standout in the art community. Those who know me and my aesthetic have coined the term “The Carlton Way” which speaks to my unwavering commitment to excellence.

5. What has been some of the biggest influences and sources of inspiration in your work?
There are no defined patterns to sources of inspiration but overall my synesthesia specifically in relation to color and music in addition to intense emotional experiences are recurring catalysts.

6. Do you have any rituals to help you get the creative juices flowing?
The flow truly never stops but yoga, travel, music, and strong espresso(s) are always present in the narrative.

7. What have been some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on? Any current projects you’d like to mention?

Most recently my collaboration with Liviu Pasare a projection artist for In The Realm Of the Senses, my collaboration with Arthur Williams at The Denver Art Museum, and my collaboration with my team in Las Vegas in a stage program called Wabi Sabi have significant impact in my body of work. I am thrilled to be co authoring a visual art book with my most favorite art partner Arthur Williams.

8. What are some of the best lessons you’ve learned while developing your craft?
What valuable advice could you offer to other Creators like you?
The human experience is always a top priority, this applies to self, to viewers, to clients, to your network, to collaborators. Know your WHY. Education, exploration, and evolution are not optional. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to level up.

9. Where can we find more of your work and follow your journey?
Instagram (@thefloraculturist) is my preferred playground. I travel the globe, so possibly in a city near you!

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