How To Use The Manfrotto Product Table

Product photography can be one of the trickiest types of photography to master. It takes precision and a lot of practice in order to perfect your lighting set-up and be able to control all your elements in-studio.

At HGAB Studios, we always recommend The Manfrotto Product Table as an extremely useful addition to any product photography shoot. This standard piece of equipment allows you so much versatility and flexibility in order to help you capture any angle you need to showcase of your product. The Manfrotto product table will also help you ensure that you capture the cleanest images of your product in order to save time and money in post-production.

Watch the full video in order to learn more about the Manfrotto Product Table and all of its features. Book today, and receive this product table for FREE anytime you reserve ‘Studio B’ for a photo or video session at HGAB Studios.

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