Become An Artist, Not Just a “Content Creator”

Tis’ the season to spring into action! Spring symbolizes transformation, and in that spirit, we’ve compiled our simple guide to help you blossom into the visual Creator you’ve always aspired to be.

Up to this point, you have diligently created stunning content for your clients and have built a professional portfolio that speaks for itself. You are posting consistently, studying the algorithm, and keeping up with the latest trends. Now that you have dedicated time to making a living from your craft, it is time to get creative again and produce the type of work that ignited your passion in the first place!

If you’re not sure how to get started, here are our top tips on how to become an artist, not just a content creator.

Tip #1: Make Sure Your Business is Stable

Being an artist and a business person is like being a superhero with two identities. On one hand, you have this incredible artistic vision. On the other hand, you need to wear your business cape, making smart decisions to turn your art into a career.

In order to level up in your creative career, make sure that your business practices are set in stone. This means, that you should have steady clients and retainers that give you stability before trying to move on to the next phase of your career. Have a good foundation for your business. Develop reliable systems and templates for building proposals, creating invoices, and scheduling your clients. This will allow you to spend more time working on creative concepts and exploring your creative freedom.

It’s a balance, but guess what? At HGAB Studios, we’ve seen so many creatives master this. They remind us that your art can be your business and your passion can pay the bills. This first tip is vital for your journey to becoming an artist.

Tip #2: Narrow Down Your Specific Style

Giano Currie
Photography Art by Giano Currie

Finding your own unique style as a Creator isn’t just a fancy idea—it’s your ticket to standing out and loving what you do. When you develop your own style, you’re giving yourself permission to be fully you, creatively. No more chasing trends or imitating others. It’s all about tapping into what makes your work uniquely yours. When your art looks and feels like something out of the ordinary, people notice, and your clients won’t be hiring you just for content; they’re buying into your whole vibe, your story. So, embrace your quirks, experiment, and watch your career soar. Because when you have your own authentic style, you’re not just a content creator—you’re an artist on a whole new level.

Tip #3: Be Open to Collaborating With New People

Collaboration is vital for visual artists, because it encourages diverse perspectives and enhances your skills through interactions with other professionals in your industry. Collaboration with other creatives also provides a platform for constructive feedback and critique. This will help you refine your craft and artistic expression. Moreover, collaboration facilitates networking and exposure. This will open the doors for exciting opportunities and partnerships within the industry. In order to catapult your profession it is important to immerse yourself in an environment that encourages collaboration and pushes you to work alongside other Creators.

Tip #4: Never Stop Learning & Stay Up To Date

Continuing your education and taking workshops offers you the chance to learn new techniques, tools, and trends in your field, helping you stay up-to-date and competitive. Additionally, the act of learning in a group setting will provide valuable networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with peers, mentors, and potential collaborators. Workshops also include hands-on practice and feedback sessions, enabling you to refine your skills and receive constructive criticism from industry professionals. Moreover, they offer a creative environment where you can experiment, explore new ideas, and push the boundaries of your craft, fostering growth and innovation. Overall, participating in workshops is essential for your growth as a visual artist, helping you enhance your skills, expand your network, and stay inspired on your creative journey.

Taking the next step in your artistry is important and necessary for you to have a fulfilling career. At HGAB Studios, your vision matters. Your story is important. We’re here to help you share it with the world, to transform your ideas into a masterpiece reality. So, what are you waiting for? Join us and start your transformation today.

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