Styling Secrets for a Magical Maternity Photoshoot

5 Tips From a Professional Stylist

Hello, lovely mamas-to-be! It’s Alex here from The Kind You Find, your guide to all things chic and vintage. Today, we’re diving into a topic close to my heart – styling your maternity photoshoot. Having journeyed through the fashion world for over a decade, I’ve discovered the power of a perfectly styled photoshoot.

Styling a maternity shoot is not just about clothes; it’s about narrating your journey into motherhood through every thread and texture.

At HGAB Studios every photoshoot is a collaboration that aims to understand your vision, and create a memorable experience.

Tip #1: Pick a Theme And Let It Be Your Guide

Every mama has a story, a unique glow that deserves to be celebrated. Whether you’re drawn to the mystique of enchanted fairylands or the chic allure of magazine editorials, your theme is the canvas. It sets the stage, dictating the colors that highlight your natural beauty and the wardrobe that will best compliment your photography session.

In styling your maternity photoshoot, the theme is your story. Whimsical, modern, classic, or nature-inspired — As your stylist, my first tip is to make sure you stay true to yourself and ensure that every element, from wardrobe to backdrop, celebrates you.

Tip #2: Choose a Color Palette And Stick To It

Soft, flattering hues are your best friends. Think soft pinks, muted blues, and elegant neutrals – they’re the whispers of style that say, “Look at the beautiful mama.” I also recommend staying away from distracting patterns or very embellished logos that could take the attention away from the main subject: baby and you!

Tip #3: Choose Jewelry That Compliments You, Not Outshines You

A touch of sparkle never hurt! But remember, it’s about accentuating, not overshadowing, your radiant self. Choose pieces that sing in harmony with your theme.

Tip #4: Don’t Treat Hair + Make-Up As An Afterthought

Hair and makeup are the finishing touches to your masterpiece. They should resonate with your chosen theme and color palette, adding the final strokes to your portrait of motherhood. A common mistake I have seen in many maternity shoots are mothers-to-be leaving their hair & make-up as an afterthought. Booking your hair and make-up artist and discussing the look you want with a professional is a key element to ensuring you love the end-result of your photo shoot.

Tip #5: Be Comfy In Your Look, So You Can Feel Confident In Your Session

Finally, when choosing a look (or several) for your maternity photo shoot, remember to dress in something that makes YOU feel comfortable and confident. Choose attire that compliments your theme, but also makes you feel like the glowing, beautiful woman that you are. Getting in front of the camera can be hard work, so it is important that you feel absolutely perfect and secure in what you’re wearing. Never give in to what is “trending” if it doesn’t feel right or authentic to you. This is your moment to celebrate you, and remember, confidence is your best accessory – because this journey is uniquely yours.


At HGAB Studios, we believe a maternity photoshoot is a celebration of life, love, and the incredible journey of motherhood. Together, let’s capture these fleeting moments with grace, style, and a sprinkle of vintage charm. Remember, dear mama, this is more than a photoshoot; it’s a testament to the beautiful journey you’re embarking on. Here’s to capturing your glow, your story, your magic.

With love,


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