1. Give us a personal background on yourself? (Where are you from, where do you reside, what’s your preferred medium? Are you a cat or dog person? We want to know!)

Hey guys! I’m from Venezuela. I’m based in Miami since 2014 planning to someday soon be able to move to NYC. My medium I would say that it’s the combination of my arms and eyes, with these two the creative part of my brain its capable of create all this amazing pictures that I’ve been doing since the beginning. I’m definitely a dog person, I love dogs I think even more that I love humans.

2. How did you first start your journey towards becoming an artist?

My journey started since I was a little kid, my dad is a photographer/director/videographer and I always assist him on his gigs. In Venezuela I was too focus on being a soccer player so I didn’t pay to much attention on what was happening every time I was helping him. When we move to Miami it was totally different. I was able to see what my dad sees through the camera, that instant when you capture moments and you do it with your style, I
think that was when I really started thinking “I should be doing this”.

3. When was the first time you really saw yourself as an artist?

The first time I saw myself as an artist was when I did my first photoshoot with one of my closest friend, the shoot was in bayside, she brought this little bag with clothes and I was kind of nervous because it was a new experience for me. So, she got there we started the shoot by that little place where they do yoga and for me was so cool and amazing, my brain started to work on angles, lighting, spots, everything!!! For me that day was one of the best experiences that I’ve had in this industry.

4. What do you think new artists struggle with the most nowadays?

think the struggle right now it’s the competition that is out there, a lot of new artist are trying to compare themselves with different icons and If they don’t make it as his icon did, they think they are not on the right path. You have to be influenced by icons but you have to do it your way! That’s what’s gonna make you be special and different.

5. How did you learn how to set a price on your art/craft?

My dad and his friends always helped me on what’s the price on my art. I own them so much.

6. What has been your favorite piece that you’ve created?

I don’t have a favorite piece to be honest, I just love them all. They all are like my little kids.

7. Who’s one of your biggest sources of inspiration right now?

My biggest sources of inspirations since day 1: Julio Mendez ( my dad ) and his friends/crew/family, Mike Ohrangutang, Joseph Silva, Eduardo Whaite, Orlando Adriani. And then with time I got influenced by Platon, Lara Jade, Richard Avedon and Helmut Newton.

8. If you could pick one of your pieces to represent you as a person, which one would it be and why?

I think all of my pieces represent myself, they all represent a different moment or feeling that I had in time.

9. What has been your happiest moment as an artist?

My happiest moment was on December 12, 2020. I got 4 nominations for the Suncoast Regional Emmy Awards for two pieces that I did with my dad as a Director of Photography, and that day was the Gala. I won 3 Emmy Awards and being honest with you all was a feeling that has no explanation, its just THAT MOMENT. Later this year, I’m gonna show you those pieces.

10. Have you ever made any mistakes in the industry that have taught you a valuable lesson?

Too many mistakes but that what’s life about, mistake and learn.

11. If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be and why?

I would be a Tres Leches/Profiterol/Pavlova. I just love them, that’s it.

12. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you work?

I listen to all types of music, whatever I’m vibing with at the moment.

13. What’s your least favorite trend at the moment?

I don’t mind about trends, if is a trend is because that’s what the people wants to see, you just have to choose if you go with the trend or you keep your style.

14. If you could design a home out of literally any material, what would your house be made out of?

I would love to have a house made of wood and glass, just think about it. ( also my girlfriend its an interior designer so she might just like it or change my desire ) coming soon a 2k crib.

15. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

Don’t think of excuses, if you’re able to think about it you’re able to make it happen no matter what.