1. Give us a personal background on yourself? (Where are you from, where do you reside, what’s your preferred medium? Are you a cat or dog person? We want to know!)

Yerrrrrrrrr! My name is Avonté otherwise known as uhhvonte on all platforms. I’m a dancer / photographer based out Broward County Florida. I’m originally from Tampa but I was a military brat so I was raised in several states throughout the U.S. As far as photography goes, I mainly gravitate towards any style of creative portraits. Shooting with the Alpha 1 and my usual go to lens being the 35mm.

2. How did you first start your journey towards becoming an artist?

So, I’ve been a creative since middle school. I don’t know how I got into it, but I used to draw all the time and I was good at it. I didn’t know it was called Anime at the time, but Naruto used to be the main thing that I drew. Eventually fast forwarding through high school, Anime still played a big part in my life, and I eventually became an AMV or Anime Music Video Editor. You’ll have to look that one up for it to make sense (Senpai Katsu on YouTube). Towards the end of my college career. I was just scrolling Instagram one day and saw a really cool portrait and I said to myself. “I wanna recreate that.” Then I got a camera and now we are here!

3. When was the first time you really saw yourself as an artist?

Honestly, when someone hit me up to shoot for the first time because they liked the work that I was putting out.

4. What do you think new artists struggle with the most nowadays?

Patience and consistency are a big one. Nowadays people don’t want to put in the work to get where they want to be. I think part of that to blame is social media.  There are no short cuts when it comes to growing and developing your craft. You get in what you put out. But we live in an era now where you can literally go viral for doing little to nothing. Which sort of leads me to my next point. Most new artists and creatives in general get so caught up comparing themselves to others. Which causes them to get discouraged from creating and sharing their own art. Social media now is centered around how many likes, views and comments you get. Making people believe their art isn’t worth anything.

5. How did you learn how to set a price on your art/craft?

On top of just being more comfortable with my workflow and editing style over the years. Mainly just through experience with different people and brands. Personally, I feel like there’s always something to be learned with each photoshoot or event that I do. Eventually as you continue to grow you continue to find new and improved ways of adding value to your clients. In the end making you more confident in yourself when it comes to what sort of price you might want to set. Especially because you’ll be able to translate that value to your clients.

6. What has been your favorite piece that you’ve created?

Mannnn its impossible to pick a favorite. I think one of my favorites would have to be the portrait video I did of my friend Ella Mendelsohn. Those are some of the best beach photos that I’ve ever taken for sure. But the video overall was just a step in the direction of where I’ve been wanting to take my creativity.

7. Who’s one of your biggest sources of inspiration right now?

I have several for a variety of reasons but @dannybatista, @samdoesarts, @byandrei @forevermoriah but just all my personal creative homies in general. To see them all growing and still on that grind doing their thing constantly inspires me to keep elevating and doing the same.

8. If you could pick one of your pieces to represent you as a person, which one would it be and why?

Again, it would have to be the video portrait I did of my friend Ella. The video won’t give you a clear-cut understanding. But if you watch any of my YouTube portrait videos or Instagram portrait reels. It’s the music that represents me as a person. My music preference falls on the more chill, vibey, ethereal side of things, which pretty much is an accurate representation of my personality.

9. What has been your happiest moment as an artist?

The literal day I told my job I was quitting to pursue my career as a full-time freelance creative.

10. Have you ever made any mistakes in the industry that have taught you a valuable lesson?

In this industry its inevitable. The only way for you to continue to learn and grow is to mess up.

11. If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be and why?

The only desert that I eat is cheesecake…

12. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you work?

Typically, Lofi but if not its either K-R&B or R&B

13. What’s your least favorite trend at the moment?

I don’t have a least favorite trend at the moment.

14. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

Probably marble because it looks clean.

15. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

If you have a dream. Just go for it yo. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.