Creator Spotlight: Stacey Carlton

When the beautiful uncertainty of nature meets the structural composition of geometry, we get the [...]

Creator Spotlight: Mira Mikati aka Mira Doodles

Doodling is a form of therapy for many people. Even those of us who don’t [...]

Creator Spotlight: Andres Pico (A.K.A Dias)

The art of graffiti has always been a subject of major controversy. In the past [...]

Creator Spotlight: Gabriel ‘GG’ Gimenez

Gabriel ‘GG’ Gimenez is as much a Miami staple as croquetas and cafecito are in [...]

The Art of Money – Finance Seminar

Learn how to turn your creative passions into a full-time gig. Watch as my MyFinTect [...]

Creator Spotlight: Adrian Molina

While some people cringe at the thought of being surrounded by total darkness with nothing [...]

Creator Spotlight: Jade Lilly

From the moment Jade Lilly stepped foot inside of our studios we knew we were [...]

Creator Spotlight – Mariana Diaz

It’s not every day that we meet someone who is brave enough to wear their [...]

Creator Spotlight – Tuto

One of the first times I met Erick (TUTO) Dominguez he was standing in the [...]

Creator Spotlight- Ventigoth

It is not often that we expose the dark parts of ourselves to the rest [...]