1. Give us a personal background on yourself? (Where are you from, where do you reside, what’s your preferred medium? Are you a cat or dog person? We want to know!)

I have been living in south Florida for my entire life, I just moved to Miami from broward in late October to pursue my photography career. My preferred medium is a digital SLR camera, I am and always have been a dog person, I’m very allergic to cats unfortunately.

2. How did you first start your journey towards becoming an artist?

I believe I first was introduced to photography and the art world around 12 years old, I was gifted a digital camera and from then on I was constantly photographing and exploring ways of sharing my work with others on social media.

3. When was the first time you really saw yourself as an artist?

I first considered myself an artist in my sophomore year of high school. No other “normal” occupations caught my interest the way photography did and I knew I could only be content in life if I was creating.

4. What do you think new artists struggle with the most nowadays?

I believe that most modern artists are discouraged from taking their passion seriously and pursuing it as a career. We are raised with the notion that creating art isn’t a real occupation and if you want to be successful financially you must find a more “realistic” career choice.

5. How did you learn how to set a price on your art/craft?

Learning how to set prices for your services comes with experience. You need to consider the demand, the workload (labor), and your credibility into consideration to set a proper rate. You need periods of trial and error to really gauge what you can value your work at.

6. What has been your favorite piece that you’ve created?

My favorite photograph that I’ve ever taken is an image of snow falling in Yosemite national park, my flash was able to pause thousands of snowflakes mid air as well as capturing the surrounding forest life.

7. Who’s one of your biggest sources of inspiration right now?

I’m constantly inspired by my future self (regardless of how narcissistic that may sound). He is the person I strive to be everyday, an improved more experienced version of myself who is always out of reach but still attains the goals set by my present self.

8. If you could pick one of your pieces to represent you as a person, which one would it be and why?

I wouldn’t be able to pick just one of my photographs to represent me as a whole. A collage of every individual person that I’ve had the pleasure of photographing stitched together in a large collage would better describe my being. Every experience, every person I’ve engaged with, and every photo produced from them has built onto my existence over the years, helping me become more whole

9. What has been your happiest moment as an artist?

My happiest moment was last October when I finally moved out to Miami and began supporting myself solely with photography income.

10. Have you ever made any mistakes in the industry that have taught you a valuable lesson?

I’ve made countless mistake in my industry from charging too little, to worrying more about what other people will like rather than creating art that I love. These mistakes taught me to never undervalue my craft or lose sight of creating art that fulfills me as a creator.

11. If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be and why?

If I were a dessert I would be oatmeal raisin cookies that way I would never be eaten.

12. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you work?

I usually listen to alternative rock while I’m working, also a little bit of house and techno occasionally.

13. What’s your least favorite trend at the moment?

My least favorite trend is the “let’s normalize…” because trying to normalize something highlights the fact that it’s not normal which doesn’t aid in normalizing.

14. If you could design a home out of literally any material, what would your house be made out of?

I would love to design a house with natural rock, wood, and recycled materials. Something that is sustainable and doesn’t affect the surrounding environment.

15. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

Life is too short to spend it doing something you don’t love.