Terms and Conditions

Creative Membership
What Is A Creative Membership & How Does It Work?
HGAB Studios Creative Memberships are geared towards creators who are constantly generating content. Your Creative Membership includes a list of amazing perks such as:
  1. $30/HR Photo, Video + Podcast Studio Rates (Must reserve 24-Hours in Advance) 
  2. FREE Events + Workshops 
  3. 50% OFF Equipment Rentals
  4. Access To Our Online Member Portal
  5. Monthly Discounts + Specials For Members Only
What is the difference between a Creative Membership and a Company Creative Membership?
When signing up for a Membership you will be asked whether you would like to sign up for a Creative Membership or a Company Creative Membership.
A Company Creative Membership allows up to 3 people to access our studios and membership perks at the member rate.
A Creative membership will only allow one person to access our studios and membership perks. That means that if you have a Creative Membership meant for just one person, the person who is registered under the account must be present in order to access our studios and membership perks at the member rate. If the member is not present, you will be charged at the regular rate.
How Much Does An HGAB Studios Creative Membership Cost?
There are 2 payment options when deciding to sign up for an HGAB Studios Creative Membership. An annual rate and a monthly rate.
Our Creative membership is currently $35/month, or $357 (15% off) annually. 
Our Company Creative Membership is currently $50/month, or $510 (15% off) annually. 
Your membership fee will be automatically deducted from the payment method provided on the same day of every month. All Creative Memberships are a 12-month contract. If you would like to exit your contract early, you will be charged a $99 fee.
Can Someone Else Use My Creative Membership?
Creative Memberships and Company Creative Memberships are to be used ONLY by the member(s) who is/are registered on the account. If you book any of our studios at the member rate the booking member(s) must be present during the booking at all times. Nobody from your production crew will be allowed access to the studios or equipment rentals at the member rate until the booking member is present. 
How Do I Book Studio Time or Rent Equipment At The Member Rate?
Upon signing up for a Creative Membership you will receive a special login and password in order to access our HGAB Studios Member Portal. Via the Member Portal, you will be able to access all of your membership perks and rates.
Studio Rental

How Do I Book Studio Time? 

All photo, video or podcast studios can be booked online via HGABstudios.com 

All bookings must be made 24-Hours in advance. 

To access our $30/Hr studio rates as an HGAB Studios Member, please make sure you are logged in to your HGAB Studios Member Portal. 

What Do I Need to Bring For My Booking?

When you arrive for your booking at HGAB Studios please make sure to have a debit or credit card on-hand, as well as a valid photo I.D. Upon arrival, our studio managers will hold onto these items until the end of your session. 

How Many People Are Allowed In the Studio With Me?

Each one of our studios has a different maximum capacity. Please see more info below:

Studio A- Limit of 7 Persons 

Studio B- Limit of 10 Persons 

Podcast Studio- Limit of 5 Persons 

Can I Arrive Early For My Booking?

You may access your reserved studio up to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled booking time. Please be aware that our studios are painted and/or cleaned before and after each booking, therefore we cannot assure early-entrance. 

What If I Need Additional Time In The Studio?

We are always happy to accommodate you with additional studio time if it is available. If there is nobody scheduled in the studio directly after you, we are happy to extend your booking at the regular hourly rate. 

Please remember you must be set up and torn down within the allotted time set for your booking. A 15-min ‘Grace Period’ will be honored however, once the 15-min grace period has elapsed, you will be charged for an extra hour of studio time. 

What Is The 15 Minute Grace Period?

We know that productions can be hectic and sometimes you may lose track of time. Our 15-min grace period was implemented in order to make sure you have enough time to wrap up your booking calmly.

For example, if your booking ends at 3 PM, you will have until 3:15 PM to have all your crew-members, wardrobe, equipment and props cleared from the space. If you exceed these 15-min you will be charged an additional hour. No exceptions.

Please be aware our studio manager will pop into the studio 30 min before your official ending time to give you a time-check. 

How Can I Cancel My Studio Bookings?

Bookings may be canceled or altered 3 days (72-hours) in advance. No last-minute cancellations or time changes will be honored. 

Please keep in mind that when you reserve studio time in our calendar, you are blocking off that time-slot so that nobody else can use it. Therefore, we expect your fullest commitment to this time-slot. Please make sure your crew is aware of the importance of being present and on time. 


What Are Your Hours of Operation for The Co-Working Space?

HGAB Studios Co-Working Members will have access to their workspace from 8 AM – Midnight.

How Do I Access My Workspace?

All HGAB Studios Co-Working Members will be given an access keycard that will grant them access during hours of operation. 

What Happens If I Lose My Keycard?

Upon signing up, you will receive a keycard that will grant you access to the approved co-working areas during our hours of operation. 

If you lose this keycard it is your responsibility to notify one of our studio managers immediately. Your old keycard will be canceled and you will be charged $30 for a replacement keycard.

What Is The Policy For Guests?

Guests are welcome to visit the HGAB Studios Co-Working Space but are the sole responsibility of the co-working member who brought them. Guests are welcome to use all recreational areas. 

For more rules and guidelines on HGAB Studios Co-Working, please see this document:



How Do I Rent Equipment?

All equipment rentals can be reserved online via our website: HGABstudios.com

All equipment rentals must be made 24 hours in advance. 

If you are an HGAB Studios Creative Member, please make sure you are logged in via your Member Portal to access 50% OFF all equipment rentals.

Do I Have to Pay Insurance or Any Extra Fees?

A $20 flat fee will be applied to all equipment rentals. If equipment is lost, damaged or broken this will act as your insurance policy and you will only be liable for a $500 deductible.

If the equipment is worth less than $500 you can choose to pay the full price of the equipment and these $20 will be applied towards that payment. 

What Is the Timespan of My Rental?

A daily rental is considered to be 24 Hours. For example, if you rent equipment at 12 PM on a you will need to return it before 12 PM the next day. No exceptions. 

Our HGAB Studios Rental House is open from 10 AM – 10 PM Monday-Friday. If you do not arrive by closing time you will be charged for an additional day of rental.  

What Happens If I’m Late Returning My Rental? 

For every hour that you are late returning your rented items, you will be charged an hourly fee (per item). This hourly fee can be calculated by adding up the total sum of your daily rental and dividing it by 24 hours. This number will then be multiplied by the number of hours you are late returning this item. 

For example, if the total cost (per day) for all of your rented equipment was $500, you would divide $500 by 24 hours. This equals $20.83, which means you will be charged this amount for every hour that you are late. 

Note: If you do not return your rented items by closing time on the day they are due, you will be charged for another full day of rental.