Podcast Pilot Production


Introducing the Podcast Pilot Production, the perfect solution for creating a professional, high-quality podcast. Our team will provide a 2 Hour Recording Session with a Podcast Engineer.

In post-production, we’ll take your recording to the next level with equalization, noise removal, echo reduction, and audio leveling. We’ll also mix in an intro and outro, and ensure that your audio is normalized to the industry standard.

For video podcasts, we offer color grading, lower thirds for the host and guests, and synchronization of audio and video. We’ll also include a subscribe button and a multi-cam sequence. Plus, our speech disfluency corrections will clean up any “huhs”, “ums”, or other mistakes to ensure a polished, professional final product.

With this package, you can trust that your podcast will be of the highest quality and ready to engage and impress your audience. Book your 2 Hour Recording Session with a Podcast Engineer today!