Terms and Conditions

How Do I Book Studio Time? 

All Photo, Video or Podcast Studios can be booked online via HGABstudios.com 

To access our $50/HR Studio Rates as an HGAB Studios Member, please make sure you are logged in to your HGAB Studios Member Portal. 

What Do I Need to Bring For My Booking?

When you arrive for your booking at HGAB Studios please make sure to have a debit or credit card on-hand, as well as a valid photo I.D. Upon arrival, our studio managers will hold onto these items until the end of your session. 

How Many People Are Allowed In the Studio With Me?

Studio limits vary depending on which studio you are renting. Please refer to the list below in order to confirm the maximum capacity for your studio. There are no exceptions for these limits. 

Studio A- Limit of 10 People

Studio B- Limit of 10 People

Studio C- Limit of 4 People

Podcast Studio- Limit of 5 People


Can I Arrive Early For My Booking?

You may access your reserved studio up to 15 minutes prior to your scheduled booking time. Please be aware that our studios are painted and/or cleaned before and after each booking, therefore we cannot guarantee early-entrance. 

What If I Need Additional Time In The Studio?

We are always happy to accommodate you with additional studio time if it is available. If there is nobody scheduled in the studio directly after you, we are happy to extend your booking at the regular hourly rate. 

Please remember that when booking studio hours, you must take into account the number of hours it takes to set-up and tear down all of your gear. All equipment and crew members must be cleared out of the space by the time stated on your booking. 

What is the Late Fee?

If you exit your studio past the time which you booked online, you will be charged a $99 late fee for every 15 mins elapsed. This late fee has been implemented in order to assure that all studio sessions exit the space on time in order to avoid delays with the bookings that follow. 

Please keep in mind that if a booking is late exiting the studio, it delays our process of organizing and sanitizing the studio for the next session. Therefore, in order to ensure that everyone enters their studio session on time, it is important to be punctual and mindful of the timeslot you reserved online.

Please note that you can always check with our front desk to see if there is a session booked directly after you. If there is no session booked directly after you, you may extend your session at the hourly rate. 

How Can I Cancel My Studio Bookings?

Bookings may be canceled or rescheduled 3 days (72-hours) in advance. No last-minute cancellations or changes will be honored once you are within 72-hours of your booking. You are not eligible for a refund or store credit if you do not notify us 72-hours before your booking takes place.

Please keep in mind that when you reserve studio time in our calendar, you are blocking off that time-slot so that nobody else can use it. Therefore, we expect your fullest commitment to this time-slot. Please make sure your crew is aware of the importance of being present and on time. 

A processing fee will be deducted from any booking that is cancelled.




What Items Are Restricted In The Studio?

The following is a list of items that are prohibited inside any of our studios:

  1. Paint of any kind.
  2. Open flames or equipment that produces high heat. This includes cigarettes, smoke bombs or any type of fireworks or candles.
  3. No swimming pools or large quantities of water that could cause a flood. 
  4. Glitter.
  5. Silly String.
  6. No oil-based liquids or materials such as fake blood, slime, or cake frosting.
  7. No firearms, knives or weapons of any kind.
  8. Powdered Paint, Chalk or any other flour-like substance. These types of materials get stuck inside our equipment and cause internal damage over time. 
  9. Confetti.
  10. Champagne or bottles that will be used to be sprayed inside the studio.

If you absolutely need to bring in one of these items for your shoot, we may be able to accommodate you by taking the proper precautions. Please call the front desk at HGAB Studios (305) 200-3056 to discuss options. If you are unsure if an item is prohibited, please give us a call to our main office.

Do You Charge A Cleaning Fee?

We understand that productions have various elements that may leave a small imprint on our studios. We always take this into consideration and schedule a 1-hour cleaning block after every booking in order to provide a sanitized and clean space to every client. This service is always free of charge. 

However, in the event of extreme wear and tear or careless use of our studio, a fee will be assessed and charged to the card on file. 

Please see our list of Studio Fees below:

Paper Backdrop Damage Fee- $10.00 – $20.00 (depending on membership)

Studio Floor Damage Fee- $30.00

Late Fee- $99.00 every 15 mins

Any permanent or major damages that goes beyond what is listed above, will have to be assessed and billed on a case-by-case basis. 


In Addition, any equipment that is lost, stolen, or damaged during your session, will be charged in the full amount to the card on file. The person who booked the studio (name which appears on file) is liable for anything that occurs inside the studio during your scheduled booking time. 

What Are Your Hours of Operation for The Co-Working Space?

HGAB Studios Co-Working Members will have access to their workspace from 8 AM – Midnight.

How Do I Access My Workspace?

All HGAB Studios Co-Working Members will be given an access keycard that will grant them access during hours of operation. 

What Happens If I Lose My Keycard?

Upon signing up, you will receive a keycard that will grant you access to the approved co-working areas during our hours of operation. 

If you lose this keycard it is your responsibility to notify one of our studio managers immediately. Your old keycard will be canceled and you will be charged $30 for a replacement keycard.

What Is The Policy For Guests?

Guests are welcome to visit the HGAB Studios Co-Working Space but are the sole responsibility of the co-working member who brought them. Guests are welcome to use all recreational areas. 

For more rules and guidelines on HGAB Studios Co-Working, please see this document:


How Do I Rent Equipment or Props?

All Equipment Rentals can be reserved online via our website: www.HGABstudios.com

If you are an HGAB Studios Member, please make sure you are logged in via your Member Portal to access your member discounts.

Do I Have to Pay An Insurance Fee For Equipment Rentals?

Yes, both HGAB Studios Members and Non- Members must pay an insurance fee. All HGAB Studios members receive a discount on insurance.

The insurance rate is determined by the total price of your Equipment Rental(s). This insurance fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please refer to the graph below, to determine the correct insurance rate for your Equipment Rental.

What does my HGAB Studios Equipment Insurance cover?

Any Tier of HGAB Studios Insurance will cover you for up to $3,000 worth of damages, with a $500 deductible charge. 

If damages or lost equipment exceeds a $3,000 value, you will be asked to pay the $500 deductible, plus any amount of damage over that $3,000 value.

How Long Can I Keep My Equipment Rental?

A daily rental is considered to be 24 Hours. For example, if you rent Equipment/Props at 12 PM on a Monday you will need to return all items before 12 PM on Tuesday (the next day). No exceptions. 

Our HGAB Studios Rental House is open from 10 AM – 10 PM Monday-Sunday. 

What Happens If I’m Late Returning My Rental? 

If you do not return your rental by the time that it is due, you will be charged a late fee of $99. 

You will also be charged for an additional day of rental. 

If needed, you may call the HGAB Studios front desk in order to see if your Equipment/Prop Rental can be extended for an extra day; in order to avoid the $99 late fee. Extensions are not guaranteed and depend on the availability of the item(s).

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule my booking with an Add-On Photographer or Add-On Podcast Engineer? 

Bookings with an Add-On Photographer or Add-On Podcast Engineer can be rescheduled or cancelled as long as they meet our 72-hour policy (all bookings must be cancelled or rescheduled via our website 3 days in advance in order to be eligible for reimbursement). 
Bookings that do not meet this requirement will not receive a reimbursement for their studio time. 
A reimbursement for the Add-On Photographer or Add-On Podcast Engineer fee is permitted within 48-72 hours before your session, however, a 25% fee will be deducted from the Add-On rate.
Bookings cancelled same-day are not eligible for a reimbursement of studio time or the Add-On rate.