1. What is the name of your Podcast and what is it about?

The Coffee Breakup – Relationship Advice Podcast discussing first dates, crazy exes, relationship tips, marriage, and everything in between. From topic discussions to guests, we created a platform where we can have uncomfortable conversations that many try to avoid in order to make dating and relationships simple again by sharing experiences that can resonate with our listeners.

2. Introduce yourselves as individuals and give us a personal background on yourselves. (Where are you from, what are your hobbies, are you a cat or dog person? We want to know!)

Christian: Born and raised in Miami, currently working in a bank (hence the suits) with a passion for helping people. Obsession with learning new things, from skills, facts, people, etc. As for whether I’m a cat or dog person, my pup Peaches would be insulted if I picked cats over dogs.

Marvin: Born and raised in Bremen, Germany, I moved to Miami when I was 16 years old. I’m someone who loves to travel, workout and write. I’m most certainly a dog person, but cats are pretty cool too.

3. How did you first come up with the idea for your Podcast?

Christian: It all started with people coming to me for advice, not sure why. I have a serious RBF (resting b*tch face) but maybe thats why they asked since they knew I would give them a no BS response. I got pretty good at it, and then Marvin asked me for advice about his past relationship where I helped him get through it. Him being an author, he published his first book “How to Heal a Broken Heart” and dedicated a page to me thanking me for the insight and I was completely floored. After finding success with the advice I’ve given to people, I thought, “If I made such an impact on all these people, especially one of my best friends, how can I expand and reach out to more people to continue doing the same?” Marvin and I joined forces to create The Coffee Breakup in order to create these discussions about relationships in order to help others that may be going through issues themselves. And here we are today!

Marvin: Chris approached me with the idea and it just made all the sense in the world at the time. I was helping people with my writing, and Chris was helping others with his blunt approach. We came together and created a platform that was meant to help others. People who can listen to us and watch us from their homes, in their cars, or on their phones. That’s truly what the platform is; a way to connect to people and help others.

4. What is your favorite thing about Podcasts and the medium of Podcasting in general?

Christian: The fact that no matter where we are, we can use the platform to make a difference to those listening. There are many people going through some sort of relationship issues and they don’t know where to go or who to ask. With podcasting, we can gather all of these “confusing” topics, or invite guests on who are currently going through something for us to discuss and bring light on those issues that many others are currently going through as well.

Marvin: I love that when you strip everything away, the careers, the backgrounds, we are all facing the same issues. Dealing with the same problems. Jealousy, insecurities, fears, hopes, dreams, wishes. We all crave someone that cares for us. The podcast is a platform for people to be vulnerable and say:’this is affecting me in a profound way, and yes I care.’ Meanwhile on social media we are programmed to deny any form of affection and are taught to pretend that we don’t care. The podcast is the very opposite of that.

5. What has been your proudest moment with your Podcast?

Christian: Everyday there’s something to be proud about. From seeing our follower count increase or the number of streams, it’s rewarding to know that people are tuning in to support us and try to get some helpful advice. Especially when we receive texts or DM’s with people not knowing who to ask so they come to us for a completely unbiased opinion about their current situation and being able to help them one-on-one. Making a change in someone’s life is the most rewarding feeling.

Marvin: The proudest moment for me is when I tell people what I do. It’s incredibly rewarding when you are proud of the work that you do. When you know your purpose is to help others and you’re doing just that, every day is a proud moment.

6. What were some of the struggles you encountered when first getting your podcast off the ground?

Christian: Equipment. What mics should we use? Will the cameras record long enough? What do we do when we encounter a glitch? But it’s all part of the learning curve. Thankfully with HGAB, we have been able to streamline a lot of the process with the podcast studio thats welcoming to guests, as well as, providing the necessary equipment for the production.

Marvin: For me the biggest struggle was to comfortably talk in front of a camera. I was so incredibly shy and reserved. It took me months to break out of my comfort zone and become fluent at speaking in front of the camera.

7. What advice would you give to Creators trying to start their own Podcast?

Christian: Do what you love and enjoy the process. Don’t do it for results. If you truly believe in something, and are passionate about something, then go for it. Don’t worry about the numbers, don’t worry about money, don’t worry about what others may say about you or what they think. Focus on creating quality content that you truly believe in. The rest will follow.

Marvin: KEEP GOING! No matter what, no matter how. Just keep pushing. If you truly believe in something, it doesn’t matter who doesn’t. People don’t believe in you until they see the results. It’s your job to believe in yourself, it’s not theirs.

8. Has there ever been a rude or disrespectful guest on your Podcast? Or maybe someone who’s views didn’t align with yours? How do you handle a situation like that?

Christian: That is the beauty of our niche; relationships are not cookie-cutter. Everyone has different opinions, beliefs, values, lifestyles, etc. Just like you have one point of view, does not make it right, but it also doesn’t make it wrong. It’s about aligning yourself with those who have similar beliefs as you that make relationships rewarding. Different beliefs should not divide us, but they should bring us together, so we learn that our way isn’t the only way things are done. So accepting those differences allows us to expand our minds and learn from one another.

Marvin: The bigger we become, the more people we come across who love what we do, but there are also those who don’t agree with our views. That’s okay, not everyone will like you. And we don’t want to be liked by everyone. If you like what we do, great, we appreciate it. And if you don’t, well that’s okay too.

9. Other than Podcasting, do you express yourself in other ways?

Christian: Working a 9-5 along with the hours put toward the production of the podcast takes away a lot of free time to do other things. I’m extremely inspired by Marvin and his writing, and hope one day to also put everything I’ve learned from personal experiences to my relationship and dating coachings on paper to continue helping people through their lives.

Marvin: I’ve just published my 4th book and I absolutely love what I do and how I express myself on paper. I’ve always been more comfortable with writing than I have been with speaking. The podcast helped me verbalize my wisdom, but I’ve been writing for almost 5 years now and it’s what I do. It’s who I am.

10. Is it possible to monetize your Podcast? What are some suggestions for doing this for Creators who want to take their Podcast to the next level?

Christian: The Coffee Breakup launched on Valentine’s Day 2020 and just now are we scratching the surface of monetization. The main focus was quality of the content and the production, as well as being skillful on what content is being discussed on the show. The more eyes you draw, the more potential to make money, whether it be directly with ad revenue from hosting sites, or partnerships with brands looking to sponsor you. My advice: do it because you love to do it. The obsession toward your craft will eventually bring the eyes to you where you can make monetization possible. And once you get to that position, reach out to brands via social media or direct marketing emails and pitch them your platform and see if they are interested.

Marvin: Don’t expect to make money quickly. Perfect your craft and the money will come. Don’t rush it, don’t force it. We are now just seeing the financial benefits of the podcast. But it doesn’t come easy, and it’s not fast.

11. What has been your favorite episode of your Podcast and why?

Christian: Episode 32 – The Truth About Romance: Keys to a Successful Relationship Feat. Dr. Heastie. Psychologist and relationship coach that flipped the entire idea of love and romance on its head. His point of view will challenge everything you thought about relationships.

Marvin: Gender Roles in Relationships Feat. KC Chopz – Episode 37. This episode was tremendous. The episode simply flowed naturally. Our guest had his own podcast so he was just a natural when it came to speaking on camera. The topic was relatable, trendy and honest. We spoke, we laughed, it was just 3 guys having a conversation.

12. What is one of your biggest sources of inspiration at the moment?

Christian: I had been following Matthew Hussey, one of the world’s most acclaimed relationship coaches, for years now. It’s helped change my mindset towards relationships to be able to give the advice I give today.

Marvin: My sources will fluctuate as time goes on. Currently I am reading about relationships, coping mechanisms and other traits us humans exhibit that impact relationships.

13. Do you create a structure for each episode of your podcast or do you just sit down and have a conversation? How much planning goes into each episode?

Christian: Since our niche is relationships, we want to make sure we can cover as much as we can within the topic. If the episode is topic specific, we do a bit of planning on the talking points. If we have a guest, we’ll write down questions that may pertain to the guest, but mostly we go with the flow of the conversation to cover all of the key points within the topic.

Marvin: Depending on the topic and guest, I will usually do some preliminary homework on the subject. But I like to go with the flow and keep things natural.

14. What has been the best platform for marketing your Podcast?

Christian: TIKTOK TIKTOK TIKTOK. It’s so easy to go viral on that app, but ONLY if you have quality content that can be shared for many to see.

Marvin: I second what Chris said.

15. Have you ever made any mistakes in the industry that have taught you a valuable lesson?

Christian: Fortunately, I am very cautious at what content gets put out, while Marvin can be very excited and jumps the gun. This is where we find our balance within the production. Together we both plan and take action to make sure we avoid small mistakes. One that we came across was the audio; we had an intro and outro song that was copyrighted, and it didn’t allow us to monetize. There are also some topics that can be flagged, or can limit the monetization opportunities if not carefully addressed.

Marvin: Chris oftentimes is my better half when it comes to being cautious and precise. We make mistakes all the time, and that’s how you learn from them. But we are pretty good with how we tackle things.

16. What do you think most newer Podcasts struggle with?

Christian: Relevancy. You want to be able to communicate with your audience in a way that can resonate with them. That’s how you build a following and establish a brand. With everyone making a podcast these days, why should someone listen to you? Identify the answer to that, and you’ll set yourself up for success.

Marvin: Consistency! No doubt. Everyone wants to do a podcast. Everyone thinks what they have to say is relevant, and for some that may be accurate. But most don’t have the passion to stay consistent. Over the past year I’ve seen 4-5 people come out with their own podcast. You know how many of those lasted the year? ZERO. People aren’t consistent and that is the problem with newer podcasts.

17. If you were a type of sweet or dessert, what would you be and why?

Christian: Jawbreaker. There’s a lot of layers to me, and not everyone gets to see those layers, but if you’re patient, you’ll get to the core of me. But bite in too soon thinking I’m a gumball… instant regret.

Marvin: Apple strudel. It’s literally the best thing on earth.

18. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you are in a creative flow?

Christian: Some funky deep house always gets me movin’. Dancin (feat.
Luvli) – Krono Remix on repeat. Rüfüs Du Sol, SG Lewis, Zonnestraal… Reach out to me and I’ll put you on some jams!

Marvin: I love me some NF, he’s one of my favorite artists. He’s inspirational on so many levels.

19. If you could build a house out of literally any material, what would it be made of and why?

Christian: With the price of plywood where it’s at, the only logical option would be croquetas because DELICIOUS.

Marvin: I’d build a house made out of marble. Imagine how elegant and clean that would look.

20. If you could leave us with one thought today, what would it be?

Christian: Dream big, believe in yourself, and trust the process. But above all, learn who you really are. When you’re secure within yourself, there’s nothing that can stop you from going after what you want.

Marvin: Find your purpose. Find your passion. And embrace the journey. Everything will fall into place you just have to keep moving.