1. Give us a personal background on yourself? (Where are you from, where do you reside, what’s your preferred medium? Are you a cat or dog person? We want to know!)

Hi! My name is Yesi, and I am a branding, still life, and fashion photographer living in Miami, Fl. I am originally from Argentina, moved to the US when I was 7 years old and have lived in Miami ever since. I shoot digital stills, although I’ve started playing around with film photography lately…a whole new world and some video work. I am not much of a pet person ( I know… weird!), but if I had to choose, I def would choose dogs over cats.

2. How did you first start your journey towards becoming an artist?

I started getting into photography in 2010 after I bought my first “professional” digital camera from someone at my church. I had just come back from a cross-country road trip and had fallen in love with our country and wished I had a camera with me. So i got back and bought a used on from someone and started taking photos of anything/everything. Photography has so many avenues that in order to truly know what you like, you gotta try it all at least once, so I just shot anyone that would be willing to let me photograph them haha.

3. When was the first time you really saw yourself as an artist?

This is a hard question, or one I struggle with because I have a hard time believing I am an artist. I have to rewire my definition of an artist, because I thought my whole life being an artist meant you’d be a successful painter or singer/performer…but the truth is we are all artists, and artist come in all shapes and sizes. There is not just one way to describe who an artist is. To me now, an artist is anyone that is passionate about something and is willing to put the effort to create. So to answer this question…just recently I’ve started to view myself as more of an artist, and less of a content maker.

4. What do you think new artists struggle with the most nowadays?

I can only speak for myself, what I struggle with the most is comparing myself with someone else’s journey and the struggle between trying to pay my bills and run a financially successful business while still being able to create images that I love and I’m passionate about.

5. How did you learn how to set a price on your art/craft?

I just started with a price that made sense for the amount of work I was putting into it. As you gain more experience you learn more and realize how valuable your time truly is. Then you get to a level where you realize, not only how valuable your times is, but how valuable you are as a person. I believe every year we should reevaluate our pricing, because every year we gain more experience in our craft.

6. What has been your favorite piece that you’ve created?

Every time I shoot I get better. I’ve been practicing that every time I walk into a job that I could potentially use on my portfolio…I tell myself “today, I will capture my favorite image” and it sets the ground/energy for the shoot. So my last client shoot, I captured my favorite piece…but I’m hoping my next client shoot, I’ll capture a new one.

7. Who’s one of your biggest sources of inspiration right now?

I am working on trying to find inspiration in anything. I compare myself to other people’s work/journey, and that can be extremely draining. Can I find inspiration in a book or a word? Visiting a new place? Tasting something for the first time? A feeling? That’s what I’m exploring right now. 8. If you could pick one of your pieces to represent you as a person, which one would it be and why? Wow this is tough. I don’t know if I can…I think every time I do a creative shoot…a lot of them happen at HGAB studios…I think its a glimpse of my mind. Don’t think it represents me, but you can get a sneak peak into what I’m thinking or what’s going on up there haha

9. What has been your happiest moment as an artist?

I’ve been very hard on myself, a lot of hard work, a lot of making sure you have enough money to pay for everything, making sure people don’t forget about you…it’s a constant grind. Freelancers don’t really get a day off haha if we take a day off…we’re probably feeling guilty that we’re not doing anything for our business…so I’m working on this. I think I’m closer than I’ve ever been to it because I am aware that success doesn’t have to mean being known by
others and having lots of money…success is whatever you want it to be. So I am re-defining what success means to me…and that is already making me happier.

10. Have you ever made any mistakes in the industry that have taught you a valuable lesson?

Yes, lots. And probably won’t stop making them because no one really has a guidebook to your own life haha but one of the biggest ones was early in my career…didn’t save enough money for taxes…and therefore had to pay a big chunk at the end of the year. So pay your taxes quarterly and get a bookkeeper!

11. If you were a dessert, what dessert would you be and why?

I am not super into sweets…so I’d have to say I rather be a French fry from McDonalds haha but If I had to say ANYTHING probably a glazed donut from The Salty Donut cause hello!? They are the best.

12. What kind of music do you like to listen to when you work?

Literally listening to mediation music as I write this because it helps me focus. But if I’m at a shoot…its always nice to ask the model what she likes to listen to so she feels comfortable.

13. What’s your least favorite trend at the moment?

Low rise jeans and little purses 14. If you could design a home out of literally any material, what would your house be made out of? Legos lol…imagine a whole actual human size home made out of legos. Super cool. This is probably already a thing out there.

15. If you could leave us with one thought, what would it be?

I would encourage anyone, specially women to value ourselves. Our thoughts, the way we are, the ideas we come up with, they are unique…no one else thinks like you…and that’s valuable. Learn to love yourself, spend time with yourself, make yourself laugh…it all starts with how we view ourselves…a reflection of how others will view us.